Book Title: Unplugged (Unplugged, #1)
Author: Sigal Ehrlich
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: March 10, 2017
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book blurb

It was supposed to be a lot of things…but not this.

After surviving the long and excruciating recruitment process, I thought I would end up working for Madonna or the CIA at the very least.

Boy, was I wrong.

Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined what I was in for. What my heart was in for.

I couldn’t have possibly fathomed the lifestyle, the responsibility, how much it would take out of me, the inner battles, and mostly, the emotional whirlwind.

I could never have imagined, prepared myself for, or anticipated…


It was supposed to be a job. Just a temporary job. Just a few months. Just a short stop before the journey I was about to take to follow my dream.

It was supposed to be a lot of things…but not this.

Little did I know it would be the one event that would shape me, would change me, would bring on such a shift in the balance of my world.

Would bring…
Would bring…

Into my life.


It was an OK book for me. I could’ve used a little more drama!

When you think of the word nanny what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Old right? Well you wouldn’t have thought about a young Ivi who is trying to change the world one child at a time, one country at a time.

Ivi comes to the states to help Jeremy meet his father for the first time. Who by the way is a famous rock star! As she keeps her composure around Tyler, she can’t help but fantasize about him. There are times where Tyler is all nice to Ivi and then he gives her that mean glare from across the room like she just did something wrong, or gives her the cold shoulder. He is her employer after all!
They had good chemistry no doubt. Ivi enjoyed her time with Jeremy, she was a great nanny.

Tyler had is jealous side. However I was expecting a little more drama than what there was. After all he is a rock star, a woman’s man! I mean he was licking shots off a woman at one point when he was involved with Ivi.


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